The Reaction to Women Against Feminism

I’m sure you’ve all see the various reactions to the Women Against Feminism tubmblr. Posts calling these women misguided. Posts calling them stupid. Posts talking down to them like they are are children incapable of forming their own opinion. And a surprising number of references to them as “girls.” This reaction is not cool.

While I identify as a feminist, I have a lot of problems with modern feminism. The claim that reverse sexism can’t exist because we don’t have the power. (umm, what?) The ridiculousness of “Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train.” (At this year’s Spring Roll derby tournament I took up no less than 5 seats at any given time. Look at my male privilege!) The whole “ban the pink aisle” movement. (We don’t need to ban the pink or blue aisles. We do need to have a true gender neutral aisle though.) I don’t think women make less than men by default. So I am able to understand with where these women are coming from.

Understanding where these women are coming from is important. And instead of bashing them we need to stop and think about what they are saying. For example, one of the most common themes on the Women Against Feminism tumblr is the idea that feminists don’t value motherhood. And you know what, there’s a bit of truth to that. At first I thought “well of course we value motherhood.” And then I poked around trying to find a feminist blog covering the Stop Censoring Motherhood movement, and I couldn’t find one. Here is a huge movement to stop treating women’s bodies like objects and feminists aren’t talking about it.

I encourage you to scroll through the posts on Women Against Feminism, and look for the themes. Think about the concerns that are raised. Think about areas where we can improve. And if you feel that feminism is perfect, and there is no need to change that’s fine. But just stop and think about it before you come to that conclusion.

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