Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda: A good BAD movie

Round 1: FIGHT!

Round 1: FIGHT!

Last year, the world caught Sharknado fever.  If you read my review of it, you will recall that I somehow had a natural immunity to this type of fever.  While the world tuned in to Sharknado 2: The Second One last Wednesday, I patiently waited for what I hoped to be the true B-movie gold of the week, Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda.  I was not disappointed either.

What I like about these movies is how some secret government agency is always trying to merge two animals to create some sort of “super weapon.”  Shark + octopus bring us Sharktopus.  Pterodactyl + barracuda brings us Pteracuda.  The magic to the formula is TWO ANIMALS, not an animal + natural disaster (aka: Sharknado).

The movies starts out once again with a secret organization trying to create a new super weapon to sell to the highest bidder.  Robert Carradine (Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds!) is the lead scientist at this organization.  When he loses control of Pteracuda (which he of course never thought would happen), he discovers from a tv broadcast that Sharktopus is somehow still around (how is it still around you ask?  I will not spoil that for you), being trained at an aquarium as the newest attraction.  He comes to the conclusion that Sharktopus is the only thing that can stop Pteracuda, and he sets out to steal him from the aquarium.

At this point we’re served a glorious helping of bad CG (people getting hurt and killed when neither Sharktopus or Pteracuda actually make contact with them) and matching bad actors to go along with it (my favorite being when people with guns were shooting down when the Pteracuda was above them).  Throw in a cameo by Conan O’Brien (which I wish he hadn’t completely spoiled on his show), and you’ve got a nice package of B-movie fun.

To me, B-movies are about balance.  I believe that the Skarktopus movies have a bit more balance than Sharknado movies personally.  If there’s a Sharknado 3, you won’t find me reviewing it.  However, I’m looking very forward to reviewing Sharktopus vs. Mermantula whenever they decide to release it!

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