5 on Friday: Instagram Picture vs Reality

A friend of mine shared this post from Bustle, detailing what an Instagram photo pictured versus reality. In the vein of “great artists steal” here are some of my Instagram photos, what was pictured versus reality.

My Xbox Avatar

What it looks like: Oh hai there, just playing some games. No big.

What I’m thinking: Taking a picture of my avatar is way easier than one of myself, she never has a rouge curl. Bitch. I really hope this doesn’t get me a ton of “fake geek girl” comments. I wonder if Threadless still has that shirt for sale (they didn’t).

Reading Outside

What it looks like: There’s nothing like a lazy summer day for reading.

What I’m thinking: This book is smushing my nose. I should have tried this photo with a paper back. Why are my eyes so weird in every one of these photos? Oh if I put on my sunglasses you can’t tell.

Book, Sunglasses, Drink

What it looks like: I read all the time. I mean, look at all these book posts. But I’m still fabulous with my cat eyes. Don’t forget to hydrate!

What I’m thinking: No one knows this glass is mostly full of Malibu.

My Dogs

What it looks like: My dogs are adorable.

What I’m thinking: My dogs are adorable.

At Our Pop Con Booth

What it looks like: We’re just hanging out at our Pop Con booth, come say “Hi!”

What I’m actually thinking: I hope I don’t have something gross on my shoes. I should have worn a boutfit. That totally would have gotten us more attention. I’m going to tag Ryan as the empty space. I wonder how many more Jolly Ranchers we can throw at Billy and Brandon before they get really annoyed…

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