5 on Friday: The Disney Princesses You’re Looking For

new-disney-princessesSometimes it really amazes me how much stuff Disney owns. They own part of Marvel, Lucas Films, Muppet Studios, and I’m sure there are some I’m leaving off. When Disney aquired Marvel, the internet jumped on that now Leia is a Disney Princess. I say why stop there? These are the Disney Princesses you are looking for. (And yes I realize these aren’t all actual princesses, but I’m going with it).

  1. Lady Sif – Not a princess, but a goddess. The best female warrior in Asgard. Able to outwit the God of Mischief. In all honesty I’m only familiar with the movie version of Lady Sif, where she’s a fiercely loyal warrior and defender of Asgard.
  2. Marion Ravenwood – Archeologist. Strong enough deal with the man who broke her heart when she was a girl. Refuses to work with the Nazis to save her own life even after she assumes she’s been left for dead.
  3. Black Widow – The one who desperately needs her own movie. (What happened in Budapest!?) KGB spy. Can outsmart Tony Stark. She can rescue herself thank-you-very-much.
  4. Princess Leia РThe one who made the rest of the Star Wars movies a possibility by saving Luke, Han, and Chewie in Episode IV. A diplomatic power house. And of course able to hold her own against whatever the Empire wants to throw at her. Also, an actual princess.
  5. Miss Piggy – If I have to explain to you why Miss Piggy is a princess, you need to go rewatch all the Muppet stuff you can find. This really needs no explanation.

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