5 on Friday: Things I’m Tired of Seeing at Conventions

things-i'm-tired-ofConventions are a magical place, where all things geeky and nerdy are embraced. Where you can be weird and not be judged for being weird (at least not by other con goers). It’s a special kind of freedom we don’t always experience in the real world. But with great power comes great responsibility. And not all of us are respecting the responsibility that comes with that kind of freedom. These are the things I am tired of seeing at conventions.

1. Inappropriate Costumes. Cosplay is fun and is one of the few times we get to play dress-up as adults. But I am tired of seeing inappropriate costumes on the expo hall floor. If I am seeing more of you in your costume then I would see at the pool (or on beach in Brazil in some cases), then your costume is not appropriate for the expo hall floor. The expo hall floor is all ages. Likewise, if you are going behind a curtain to take photos with fans in your inappropriate costume, that is not an activity for the expo hall floor. I’m not saying these things don’t belong at conventions. They just belong at after-hours activities.

2. Scary Things at Kids Eye Level. Again, the expo hall floor is a place you can expect to see kids. Let’s try to keep the scary zombie Disney creatures hanging in the booth, instead of on the floor at eye level for little kids. This art is often really cool, but it’d be terrifying for a toddler to see zombie Ariel.

3. Double-Wide Strollers. I love to see parents starting their kids young in all things geek. But enough with the double-wide strollers. Get one of the tandem style ones if you need to take two kids with you.

4. Walking Your Significant Other on a Leash. First of all, this is incredibly dangerous for your SO and a tripping hazard for everyone else. All it takes is for one person to walk across that leash, trip, and there’s a good chance for serious injury. Second of all, every time I’ve seen this it’s been with a leash and collar set bought at the con. There was none of this at Pop Con. Because there was no one selling them. So I don’t think these are “lifestyle” individuals.

5. Taking Up Aisles for Photos. Again, cosplay is fun. And it’s awesome when someone wants a photo of your cosplay. Pose quickly, and then move on. Photographers, if you want a more elaborate pose, ask the cosplayer to step to the end of the aisle away from booths. Vendors are trying to move merchandise, and attendees are trying to browse. You’re preventing both from happening.

Overall, people are awesome at conventions. Everyone is there for the same reason. These are just some of my personal convention pet peeves. What are yours?

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