Press Release: Impact Miniatures Launches DCC Kickstarter

dcc_dice_kickstarterNote: This is the text of their Kickstarter page, rather than a traditional press release.

Goodman Games has a really well written RPG in an old school style D&D style called Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC for short).  The DCC rulebook, with the insights from Joseph Goodman on how to be a great judge / game master, is worth the price.  It’s a great game, and when incorporating these insights should never result in a Monty Haul situation.

DCC uses an extended dice set with a total of 14 dice in the set.  The dice in the set are D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D10, D12, D14, D16, D20, D24, D30 and D%10.

Previously we ran a KickStarter which gave Impact! the ability to mass produce a D7 and D14.  Since that KickStarter, Impact! has worked on having a mould made for a D5 but have not had the funds to mass produce it to make it available beyond conventions and one online dice outlet.

While at Gen Con in 2013, we had the following available in our booth: a Chessex D3, Impact!’s D5, D7 and D14, a Dice & Games D16 and a Koplow D24 and D30. It was a mismash of sizes, dice styles and the colors did not match at all. However, it meant that we had the extra 7 dice to create a full DCC set for sale at our booth. This was brought to the attention of Joseph Goodman from Goodman Games who created DCC. He stopped by the booth and we talked dice. A great conversation that led to several emails and then to my excitement – interest from Mr. Goodman for Impact! to create fully color matched affordable dice sets compatible with DCC RPG (with all the dice being about 1″ or less in diameter to make a more playable set). And that is what this KickStarter is about … helping Impact! get the funding we need so we can complete the set of 7 special dice for our store and for Goodman Games to eventually sell with DCC.  This KickStarter is an Impact! initiative, and if things go well may eventually result in our dice being sold by Goodman Games for DCC RPG.

The funding from this KickStarter will give us the means to create moulds for a spherical D16, a d6 with the Roman numeral I, II, III for a D3 as well as our own D24 and D30 so that we can produce full color matched sets for all 14 dice.  In addition, we have received agreement from Chessex to color match our opaque dice to 8 of their colors so that if you already own one of these Chessex sets, you can just pick up the extra 7 dice from this KickStarter to complete your DCC set.

The initial goal of this KickStarter will give us the funds to create all the moulds we need for the full set as well as to produce full sets in 4 colors:  Black, Blue, Green and Red.   The 1st stretch goal will be to get enough funding to also make the DCC dice sets available in Orange, Purple, Yellow and White.   After that, we will have a stretch goal at least every $10000 past the 1st stretch goal to make either a) another new die available with the KickStarter or b) to add more choices to the types of DCC sets we’ll have made (including possibly gem dice colors). or c) offer more picks to the reward levels.

In addition, thanks to the generosity of Andrew at the, we were given enough starter capital to also include creating a 9 sided die and an 11 sided die as part of this KickStarter as he offered to help work with us to have these dice made.  These are unusual dice that work just like the D7 we funded on our previous dice KickStarter.  Because they had an odd number of faces, the dice have numbers on the edges of the die so that they work and a result shows at the top of the die (just like a normal die) when rolled.  You can see a video of the D9 at and the D11 at

Please note on the images of the D16, D24, D30, D9 and D11 only one side shows as being inked in for the number.  That is because these are 3-D images of the dice so the numbers are just engraved at this point.  When we make the final production version all the numbers will be inked in.  (We had someone ask if they needed a crayon to color in the other numbers and the answer is definitely … no crayons required!)

Because of the variety of dice available with this KickStarter, we decided the easiest way to help you get the reward that is exactly what you want is to have you pledge for a level that will give you a certain number of picks that you’ll be able to use with our pledge manager when the KickStarter is over to pick the exact dice you want with your reward.  Every dice or group of dice will have how many picks you will need to get that item so all you need to do is make sure you pledge for a level that has the number of picks you need.  (For example if you wanted 2 DCC compatible 14 dice sets and a D9 and D11, that would be 18 picks (8+8+1+1)).   You can add as many picks as you want to any level for $2 each to insure you can get exactly the reward you want.  If the word Picks is confusing to you, replace the word Picks everywhere in this KickStarter with the word Points and it might make more sense.

You can fund the Impact! Minatures DCC Kickstarter here.

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