Moving In (Or Where Did All This Stuff Come From)

moving_boxesWhen I posted our Sold! post last week, I pushed it live as soon as we got out of closing. We started hauling boxes out of our old place as soon as we got home. We hired Two Men and a Truck to help us move the big things; things like couches, our bedroom set, dining room set, etc. The rest we moved (and by we, I mean Eric and his dad) with a U-Haul trailer we hooked up to our mid-size pickup. And since we had started packing before we had even listed, the process of moving out went quickly. In fact, we were able to give the buyer possession nearly 24 hours before we were required to!

Unpacking though, that was a whole different story.

I want to know which one of you put all that stuff in my boxes. Seriously, where did all this stuff come from? There were boxes upon boxes of stuff, and with our new home being nearly 1,500 square feet smaller than our previous home it became obvious just how much stuff we have. And how much less space we have now.

That’s not a bad thing. There’s room for what we have, and room to expand. It’s certainly changed the way we’ve been looking at buying things though. We’ve started calling our first home “the house of infinite space.” We’d buy things (and hold onto things) just because we had the room. Now that space is at a premium, we don’t want to just get stuff because we can. We’re focusing on pieces we love. Pieces that have a place. We’re throwing away stuff that isn’t functioning well, and giving the stuff we just don’t use to friends who can use it.

But seriously, where did it all come from?

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