Gift Guide: Shameless Self Promotion (Plus a Giveaway)

We’re entering the holiday season, which means it’s time to start shopping for the geeks in your life. But what do you buy the geek that has everything? That’s where we come in. For the next six weeks “5 on Friday” is going to come to you in a gift guide format.

This week, we start with gifts for the Pure Geekery fan. That’s right, this is our shameless self promotion piece. I’m using this as an excuse to remind you that we have stuff you can buy to support us!

1) On the Track Shirt – When I used to skate, I looked at the shirts in my closet and would think “can I add my name and number to this?” Let’s face it, you can’t really have too many scrimmage shirts. Which is why we made sure to have a customizable Pure Geekery shirt for all the skaters, NSOs, Refs, and derby fans out there. They’re available in men’s and women’s for $19.00 each. (You can also get them without the name for $13.00 each for men and women.)


2) Hooded Shirt – These are super cute (but maybe I’m biased). I love the hooded shirt, and unfortunately you just don’t see them much. So when Spreadshirt added them to the inventory, I had to make sure to offer one. You can get the Pure Geekery logo on a hooded shirt for $24.00.


3) Nicole’s Motto Shirt – I helped organize a fundraiser for a friend, and during said fundraiser they were trying to get me to get on the mic to kill time between bands. I noped so hard the room spun. They thought I wouldn’t have a problem since I “talk to people” on the blog (or on social) all the time. I texted Claire “they don’t seem to realize I’m from the internet. I don’t do these things in real life.” And thus, the shirt was born. It’s $15 for the men’s or women’s version.



4) 8-Bit Love – No Pure Geekery logos here (although there is our URL). Just cute 8-bit hearts on a t-shirt. Sometimes, simple is your friend. These are available for $25.00.


5) Amazon Shop – Ok, so maybe you don’t have anyone to buy Pure Geekery stuff for. Hard to believe, but it happens. We’d really appreciate if you’d check out our Amazon shop and see if there are things for you there. We have products and books we’ve reviewed, plus just stuff we like. You can also shop Amazon as you normally would, but with this URL to support us as well.

We also have phone cases available for your iPhone or Galaxy. A few months ago I ordered a shirt to giveaway at the fundraiser I mentioned above. If you ordered two things though, you got free shipping. Convinced I’d be buying an iPhone 5 in a month I ordered myself a case. Then iOS7 happened, and I just couldn’t get past the slowness and constant refreshing. So I went with Windows Phone 8 instead. This however, left me with an iPhone 5 case I couldn’t use (it’s the one with the black border). So, one lucky Pure Geekery fan is going to get to win one!

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