House #2: The True Mid-Century Modern

Continuing our home search turned up a true mid-century modern in our price range. Huzzah! And you know what, it’s absolutely beautiful.


The house is absolutely breathtaking. And as you drive through Meridian Kessler, you realize just how pretty the entire area is. There’s trees, and winding roads, and some hills. And wait, this isn’t looking very bikeable. And pulling up the walkscore, it’s not. It has a walkscore of 18, which is even worse than our current home. Ouch.

Setting that aside for the moment, the house is amazing. It even has a library. Do you know how long I’ve wanted a library. And hush with your “but you read ebooks now” argument. I will read paper for a library.

A library. Come on, a library!

A library. Come on, a library!

It’s not just that, the home has huge Windows throughout, as well as beautiful flooring. Not to say it couldn’t use some work though. It has a very interesting master bathroom.

The garage is huge as well. It was a three door, but they kind of turned it on it’s side by closing the orginal doors. They’ve transformed it into a four car tandem garage. Eric would have plenty of room to work, and there’s plenty of parking in the driveway leading up to the home.

I just can’t get over how far away from everything it is though. On one hand, that’s nice. It’s super private, and makes you feel like there’s no one else around. On the other hand though, I’d be even more car dependent than I am now. As we look around we’ll have to see if its worth giving up the bikeability for.



Make sure to check out my Flickr set for more photos of this home, including those fabulous marble baseboards I mentioned.

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