House #1: Castleton Mid-Century Ranch

It’s time for the fun part, going out and actually looking at houses. We combed through Zillow, Trulia, and to find homes that were interesting to us. Homes that met some of our criteria, and were worth compromising on the criteria they didn’t meet. The first one we went to look at was a mid-century ranch in Castleton.


This is a cute little house over in Castleton, but far enough from the mall area that you don’t actually feel like you’re in Castleton. It’s had an addition built on at some point, to give it plenty of living space. It also has an unfinished basement for Eric to use as his workshop. Something that’s going to be needed, since I keep trolling Pinterest for mid-century modern DIY furniture ideas. The exterior is nice and well kept. It’s mostly stone. And since it’s a ranch, we can paint the exterior ourselves when the time comes. It also has a walkscore of 45 which isn’t horrible for the area.

The owner has put in a lot of work, which is great for most people, but it doesn’t leave us much room to improve the home. To make it ours. The bedrooms are also tiny, and there’s no room to expand them without turning the home into a two bedroom. That seems like just not a great idea in the long term. I’d be fine going from a four bedroom to a three, but a two bedroom really cuts down on your perspective market.

It does have a wet bar in the family room, which I absolutely love. One thing you’ve got to love about the 50’s, those people knew how to drink.


Want to see more (and higher resolution) photos of this mid-century ranch? Check out my Home Search set on Flickr!

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