Beginning Our Home Search

Beginning_Home_SearchWe decided to sell our home. We found our Realtor. Now to begin the home search. Once again, we tried to learn from the mistakes of our first home. Obviously, we didn’t want to focus on square footage like we did the last time. We also found a basement wasn’t necessary for us, in fact, we’d prefer an unfinished basement if it had one.

So what are we looking for?

  • Mid-Century Design – I love mid century design. I love the functionality. I love the shapes. I love the angles. If I could find my own mid-century home I’d be ecstatic. Of course, here in Indy wanting a mid-century home is in conrast with the most important criteria…
  • Location – One of the biggest problems we have with our current home is the location. While we can get to anyplace in the city in about thirty minutes, we’re very car dependent. There’s plenty in the area, but again, we have to drive to get there. I want to be able to bike to grab a few things from the grocery store, or to go out to grab bite to eat.
  • A Pool – This is really something my husband is focused on. He had a pool as a kid, and wants one now. To me, a pool is nice, but is something that can be added after we move in.
  • Ok, at Least Room for a Pool – This is really more likely. There simply aren’t that many homes with pools in Indy. The climate limits their use too much, and they don’t add any value to a home on resale. It’s something we’re willing to add in ourselves because it’ll be something we enjoy. Luckily, room with a pool goes hand in hand with…
  • A More Private Lot – While our house is too big, we’d prefer our lot to be bigger. Some space that feels more like our own. Right now, we’re in a nice subdivision. But being a subdivision, it’s home after home. We’re lucky to not have people behind us, but we just want  a place without kids running through our yard.
  • Needs Help – Over the years of owning our current home, Eric has learned how to do all kinds of nifty stuff himself. He poured our concrete countertops, tiled the floors and backsplash, and laid all the hardwoods in the house. I’m pretty certain at this point there’s nothing he can’t do. And we want a home we can do it all to again. It’s not fun to buy a house that’s “done.” We want to add our own touch to it.

We of course have the normal criteria, like a minimum size, garage, etc.  But that’s all the boring stuff. We’ve looked at several homes, and will be sharing them with you over the next week or so. So keep an eye out!

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