60 Second Spoiler-Free Review: The Wolverine

the-wolverine-posterJust got home from seeing The Wolverine, and have to leave again shortly, so here’s a quickie review of the movie.

It’s a darker, grittier Wolverine than we’ve seen in any other movie he’s been in, and not surprisingly, Hugh Jackman nails it!  Wolverine in Japan = excellent martial arts action scenes!  The post-credits “stinger” = NERDGASMIC!!! (note: the only stinger is after the first set of credits, there is nothing else after the rest of the 5 or so minutes of credits, which I sat through)  As with all movies, the 3D once again added nothing, but it was the only option during the time-frame I could see the movie today.  Definitely see this one in the theater.

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