Spoiler-Free Review: Man of Steel

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Credit: Warner Brothers

Greetings everyone! My name is Ryan, and I work with Nicole. After seeing a brief, spoiler-free movie review of Man of Steel (which I will post below) on Facebook, Nicole has asked me to review movies for Pure Geekery. I wrote the review that Nicole liked so much in less than 1 minute. It contains the bare minimum of what I thought about the movie as a whole, the performances, and whether you should see it or not, which Nicole said is exactly what she looks for in a review. Without further ado, my spoiler-free review of Man of Steel, directly from my facebook post:

My brief, spoiler-free review on Man of Steel: It was about 30 minutes too long. Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Kevin Costner were all excellent in their roles. As with 99.9 percent of movies, 3D added absolutely nothing to the experience. My score: B/B-. See it, but don’t bother with IMAX, and DEFINITELY don’t pay extra for 3D.

Addition from original facebook post: Russel Crowe gave an excellent performance as well.

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