Stages of Derby Retirement: Guilt

IMG_2487The second part in my series about retiring from roller derby.

This will be a short post, because it was a short phase. Guilt. Guilt from stepping down. Guilt from not being there. Guilt from not being a practice. Guilt for not helping out like you once did. I had said I would be back once work calmed down. And while work calmed down, Pure Geekery was ramping up. So still haven’t.

So if I’m not doing all the things I once did, why is guilt so short? Because I realized really quickly that as my life was going on without derby, derby didn’t slow down because I wasn’t there. My team looked fantastic on the track, and all of the off the track projects were going well.

I still feel guilty when there’s a massive effort underfoot and I can’t make it more than a day or two. But it is reassuring to know that nothing is slowing the team down.

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