Around Indy: They Might Be Giants at The Vogue

Nothing like a blurry photo to make you feel like you were there!

Nothing like a blurry photo to make you feel like you were there!

I have spent the past six years avoiding the Broad Ripple strip during the evening. Don’t get me wrong, I love Broad Ripple as a whole. Tons of unique shops, and fantastic restaurants for when you need a break. But the meat market that Broad Ripple turns into once the sun goes down? Count me out. But, sometimes you have to make an exception. Seeing They Might Be Giants at The Vogue was one of those sometimes.

I was fortunate enough to have a friend who had early morning plans, and therefore volunteered to drive. We parked in the new parking garage, which was nice and convenient. I know the garage is not the favorite of Broad Ripple residents, and I won’t go into the politics behind that now, but for us it was nice not having to walk several blocks in late night Broad Ripple back to our car. Paying in the garage was a bit confusing though. Signs said to pay in the lobby, but the security guard said as long as we were paying card we could pay as we exited.

After we parked we walked over to The Vogue and got in line. The line seemed overwhelming, but the staff at The Vogue were well prepared and it didn’t take long at all to get in. They gave us each a hand stamp that allowed us to come and go as we pleased (convenient since I had Claire’s ticket and she was running behind). Also nice was the handstamp was black light reflective so it didn’t show the next day.

We stopped by the bar (a $15 minimum? Whatever shall I do?), checked out the Merch (girls shirts please), and then headed to the area in front of the stage. First thing I noticed? It was hot. Like crazy hot. And the place wasn’t even that full yet. Jeans were a mistake. I initially thought this was just part of the club package (since I had never been before) but we found out the AC was broken. Might explain how I drank that cranberry vodka so quickly.

The opening act, Moon Hooch, was awesome. They had this weird kind of jazzy-technoish-with a dash of dubstep sound. (Going to their Facebook page, apparently it’s called Cave Music). These guys literally did not stop playing the entire time. I’d almost wager they’re former marching band guys.

Pause for intermission, and for me to run and get a Red Bull vodka, and then They Might Be Giants took the stage. And it was as fun as you’d imagine. I mean, what other band has a puppet act as part of their act? The set list was mostly as I had expected Birdhouse In Your Soul, The Mesopotamians, Dr. Worm, etc. Songs you know they must be tired of playing, but it certainly didn’t show. Even with the impressive heat the guys put on an energetic and fun show.

We hung around for a bit afterwards, and got some stickers. The drummer, Marty Beller, was awesome and signed anything you’d bring him. Claire ended up walking away with one of his drumsticks, score!

Overall, it was an amazing time and I highly recommend you go see them if you get the chance.

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