5 on Friday: Nicole’s Favorite Tumblogs

Tumblr themesTumblr is something different for everyone, but to me it’s a mental break. It’s pictures. Its where I see things that make me giggle, and share them with everyone else. Basically, it’s just fun. It’s also a bit overwhelming to know where to start. Here are my favorites to get you started, or to add to if you’re already Tumbling. And don’t forget to follow the Pure Geekery Tumblr as well!

  1. Sims Gone Wrong – Glitches from the Sims. Or Sims that others have created that are a little….off. Or weird things that have come out of clicking “randomize.”
  2. Thug Kitchen – You have probably seen some posts from Thug Kitchen on Facebook. If you haven’t think Samuel L. Jackson telling you to eat healthy.
  3. Times Haiku – What happens when you have a bored software engineer? They come up with awesome projects like Times Haiku. Theres a piece of software that reads through the New York Times, and then fires off an email to humans to see if it makes a good haiku.
  4. PwnLove – Gamer fashion. One day I need to comb through this blog in its entirety to get a better idea of what to wear. Kaitlin takes gamer accessories and shirts and makes them look put together. She’s currently in the middle of 365 Days of Video Game Fashion where she will wear one piece of gamer gear every day, with no repeats.
  5. The Drunken  Moogle – All things geek drink. Cocktails and mocktails with a nerdy twist, barware, and drinking games. Need I say more?

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