5 on Friday: Nicole’s 5 Favorite Doctor Who Episodes

Its new Who weekend! We finally are getting the second half of season seven and I’m stoked. In celebration, here are my

This week's teaser poster.

This week’s teaser poster.

five favorite Doctor Who episodes. I intentionally tried to leave off two parters and season finales. Because then it’s just too easy. I made an exception for The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances because poor Nine had such a rough season.

In chronological order:

1) The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances – The poor Ninth Doctor. His single season was so hit and miss. The awful production values and boyfriend eating trash can of “Rose” almost made me delete  series from my Netflix queue. But within the struggles the series faced, there were some fantastic stories. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances being my absolute favorite, possibly of the series. We’re introduced to Steven Moffat. Although his writing style is frustrates me now, back then it was refreshing. Also, say what you will, but gas mask children are creepier than weeping angels any day.

2) The Girl in the Fireplace –  I don’t know if it’s because I’m from the United States, but I had no idea who Madame de Pompadour (Reinette) was before this episode so bonus points for learning something new. I love her character in this. Witty and confident she provides a stark contrast to Rose. It’s a heartbreaking episode as well. Let’s face it, one of the reason we love Doctor Who is because of the feels.

3) Midnight – What happens when the Doctor’s greatest weapon, his words, are taken from him? When he’s distrusted instead of being seen as an instant hero? What happens when he doesn’t have his companion to back him up? It was such a different environment for the Doctor, that it made a brilliant storyline. Can we get Dee Dee back as a companion though?

4) The Eleventh Hour – As I said, Rose almost caused me to finish watching the show before I ever got started. I skipped ahead to the Doctor who had all the memes and merchandise I’d seen, figuring it was this or nothing. And I met the Eleventh Doctor. The wacky professor type. Goofy and fun. That’s the moment I fell in love with this series, and the moment Eleven became my Doctor.

5) The Doctor’s Wife – Written by Neil Gaiman this episode won a Hugo award, which if nothing else should speak to how incredible it is. Meeting the TARDIS in female form (“Did you wish really hard?”) was so much fun. I’d never thought about what kind of personality the TARDIS would have, but Idris was everything I never knew I wanted. I can’t wait to see Gaiman’s upcoming Cybermen episode.

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