Game Night: Cards Against Humanity

One of our "PG" winners.

One of our “PG” winners.

You saw my costume from the Apocalypse Party last week, but what did we do at said party? Game of course (and watch The Fifth Element)! There were several games to choose from but we ended up playing Cards Against Humanity. Because if the world is ending, you want to make sure your friends are going to hell with you. Now I can’t go into too much detail. I’m pretty sure one of the rules of Cards Against Humanity is you don’t talk about what happens at Cards Against Humanity. I will say that this is one of the most consistently fun games I’ve played. I highly suggest you get your hands on a deck for your next party. One of the ways you can do that, is to make your own. A while back when I was waiting on Amazon to get more sets in stock, I went this route. They guys over at Cards Against Humanity are awesome and give you explicit directions on what to look for. In my area a few sets must have been printed because the guy working the counter asked if that’s what they were for, and warned me that they game was “like seriously, against humanity.” My “make your own” set did not turn out too well because I hadn’t left myself enough time, and have no patience anyway. I highly recommend leaving yourself at least an hour just for cutting out the cards.

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