Dungeons and Dragons: Absolute Silliness

Usually I’d have a post describing where we were in our quest, and what I have learned about my character and how the game is played. I also don’t usually offer to help taste test my friend Claire’s cranberry-orange infused vodka (which is very good for what it’s worth). I’ve also started playing Star Wars the Old Republic, so I’m sure you’ll understand this might be a shorter post.

In addition to the aforementioned taste-testing, everyone was in a silly mood. With the upcoming holidays and the end of finals for nearly everyone I play with, we were just being goofy. Gage, who was spying on the bad guys hideout, threw as a rock with the message “wait” so we rolled to throw it back with the word “roger” written on it. Claire and I also had an in-depth discussion about which  Hogwarts house our guys belong to. Which gives you an idea of the vibe of last night.

When we stopped playing last night, we were entering the dungeon under the bad-guys hideout. So my next post will detail my first experience exploring a dungeon.

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