Always On

squarespaceIf you’re read a lot of blogs like I do, you undoubtedly saw several of them go dark as New York was hit by Hurricane Sandy. They took to Twitter, tubmblr, and Facebook to get out updates and keep us all informed. The fact that they were/are still continuing to write during this time I thought was awesome and a sign of how passionate geeks can be.

And then along came SquareSpace.

SqareSpace is a blog hosting platform. They are headquartered in New York. Their generators are in the basement. Their backup generator is on the roof. The fuel is in the basement which is under water. Game over right? Wrong. They took buckets of fuel, two flights at a time, up to the roof to keep the generators running and keep their service up. This is a group that is incredibly dedicated to what they do. In this moment, they defined “Always On.”

It’s an amazing story, and TechCrunch has a more detailed write-up here. 

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