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Spoiler-Free Review: Curse of Chucky

Though I consider myself a Chucky fan, I have never seen one of his movies in the theater.  When I was younger, Child’s Play 2 and 3 always seemed to be playing on some basic cable channel, and whenever I came across one of these movies while flipping channels, I would always


American Horror Story: Coven – A Great Way to Kick Off Halloween Season

NOTE: Minor spoilers about episode 1 of season 3 are in this review, mostly basic plot points. The beauty of the show American Horror Story is that each season is a self-contained story, with no link to the previous seasons.  The majority of the same ensemble cast appears in every season, though they


Sleepy Hollow is Fun Ride Through the Supernatural

I can’t think of a more dismissible idea for a TV show than Sleepy Hollow. Traditionally it’s a pretty self-contained story so I was surprised to see it turned into a show at all (and its not like it needed another movie). In fact, I did dismiss the show at first. After