Let’s face it, the geek world is incredibly too big for one blog to cover. Video games, tabletop, comics, books, technology news, and the list just keeps growing from there. While we hope we cover a variety topics you enjoy (and if we don’t drop us a line), we know we can’t get it all. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to read other people’s opinion on things you love. Check out the following blogs for a fix.

The Classic Yuppie

Sometimes, you need to get serious. That’s where Classic Yuppie comes in. He publishes detailed how-tos, interviews with entrepreneurs, and analysis of some of the bigger tech news stories.

Co-Op Heroes
I love gaming as a social activity, and these guys broadcast their experiences.

Foreign Detours
Don’t call it a vacation, it’s a lifestyle. This couple has been traveling the globe since the summer of 2009, living within the culture of where they stay for months at a time. She’s a planner, he’s a photographer and together they weave a wonderful story. Travel geeks through and through.

Geeking in Indiana
The name says it all. This is the place to go for happenings around Indiana. Local events, bloggers, and shops are all featured.

Girl’s Pint Out
Lady beer geeks rejoice! This is the place for us. Girl’s Pint Out blends education and social into a black and tan of epic proportions. There are 11 chapters nationwide, and the blog covers beer news from all of them.

Girl on Game
Another look on games, that’s more based on the experiences while playing, than on the game itself.

Horrible Night
I wrote about these guys on my list of suggested podcasts. Their blog content is just as fantastic. They provide serious information, presented in a fun and accessible way. Plus, ask them a question on Twitter or Facebook and you’re likely to get a solid response, and good conversation.

Solid Gold Eats
You have to eat. You may as well make it tasty. Sara is a huge food geek, and presents recipes and reviews from simple to complex. Plus, the occasional dog treat recipe. What can I say, I have a soft spot for anyone who features puppies.