Music Review: Dimetrodon – The Doubleclicks + Giveaway

Note: We received copies of Dimetrodon for review and giveaway. Also, can I say how much I’m fangirling over the fact that The Doubleclicks asked us to review their album? THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE!

doubleclicks-dimetrodonLast year The Doubleclicks blew up the internet with their song “Nothing to Prove” from their album Lasers and Feelings which addressed the “geekier than thou” attitude popping up in our culture, and “fake geek girl” aspect of that trend in particular. It became the geek anthem of the summer (if that’s not a thing, it needs to be a thing). And now the geek-folk duo is back with their album Dimetrodon.

Dimetrodon features 11 new tracks (as well as a live version of both Clever Girl and Will They or Won’t They) following several of the themes that are consistently on Doubleclicks albums. Songs about liking the wrong kinds of guys, dinosaurs (because dinosaurs), and geek-world-problems in general. And although this is the third full-length album exploring these ideas they’re still being done in new ways. And most importantly they’re still fun. Here are some of my favorite songs from the album.

  • Cats and Netflix – The geek anthem of the album. Staying inside, hanging out with cats (well, puppies in my case) and binge watching Netflix. Sounds like winter to me!
  • Dimetrodon – You can never have enough songs about dinosaurs.
  • Ennui (On We Go) – A parody of the party songs that top 40 pop can’t get enough of. More of a “do I really need to go out tonight” song, followed by a bit of “hangovers suck.” If April Ludgate was a song, this would be it. And I say that as someone who thinks April Ludgate is the best.
  • Tabletop – I have to admit, I have a soft spot for guest appearances. So when Adam Warrock came on during the song, I got really, really excited.
  • Love You Like a Burrito – Really the title should say it all. Comparing love to a burrito? If you haven’t had that kind of feeling, well then I feel sorry for you.

Oh, and this album has more cat keyboard. We all love cat keyboard. You can pick up Dimetrodon in about any format DRM free from Bandcamp (seriously, always buy your albums on Bandcamp when possible) or buy the CD from CD Baby. It’s also on Amazon if you prefer (#FeedABlogger). We’re also giving away several copies! One winner will get a signed physical copy, and three additional winners will get a digital download.

And, if you’re in Indianapolis, you can check out the Doubleclicks for the second time this summer! (The first was Gen Con. And it was amazing.) They’ll be playing on October 9th at Indy Reads Books.

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