Claire’s Top 5 Things on the Internet: Ridiculous Video Edition

I started a new job this week! Yay! However, that also means I need to reorganize my writing time. So bear with me for a couple weeks while I work out my new schedule!

Getting used to work  schedule again after two years of grad school is rough and I miss out on all the fun internet stuff during the day! So I’ve been trying to keep up on fun videos and stuff to keep me sane at night. In that theme, here are the top 5 video this week that have lowered my stress level.


5. No one loves Katie Perry more than this baby. No one.

4. This kid is the future of TV news. Watch out Perd!

3. Baseball season is in full swing! And along with beer, brats, and appropriately tight baseball pants, mustaches have a long history in baseball. Check out this video celebrating the mustache in baseball, courtesy of MLB Fan Cave. It;s 47 seconds well spent.

2. Apparently I miss Jamie Hyneman at SDCC 2014 (though I did see Adam’s awesome costume!). Jamie, along with Will from the youtube channel Tested, decided to try a new solution to making it through the craziness that is the vendor hall. Check it out! (I have to admit, I’m surprised it worked. Also, I’m pretty sure Will was mistaken for Adam .)

1. The cast of The Lion King on Broadway is really kicking ass at live advertising lately. I saw the plane version of a while back, and now they’ve taken over the subway in NYC. In case you needed one more reason to take public transit 🙂



There’s a petition going around to get Weird Al as the Superbowl Halftime show. I see no reason why this shouldn’t happen immediately.

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