Claire’s Top 5 Things on the Internet

Being sick sucks. A lot. Especially being a sick grown up with a kid at home that still needs to be fed and bathed and played with when all you really want to do is lay face down on the couch and have someone sing soft kitty to you. You know what makes it better? The insane, amazing internet. Check out this awesomeness that has kept me entertained on the couch today.

5. The Ninja Turtles were on Oprah in 1990 and the Soup brought it back to us. We can always count on Joel McHale to come up with the most ridiculous entertainment. (Too bad NBC doesn’t feel the same way. Community cancelled. Grumble grumble.)

4. Have $35 million? Always dreamed of a Star Trek room in your mansion? You’re in luck!!!! This mansion have everything the modern geek needs to survive. If you ask me, the game room and outdoor spaces are pretty damn amazing.

3. Need some summer reading? io9 has rounded up a list of sci-fi books to fill your summer with adventure.

2. This scratch-off world map is just the over-the-couch decoration my living room needs. Interactive art!

1. The CW has release an extended trailer for The Flash! With that, Arrow, Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, and Gotham, the fall lineup is filling up with geek fabulosity. There are so many superhero shows coming up that we’ll be well-covered with a place to drown our sorrows when Fox inevitably screws up Gotham.


Have $264 dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Why not fulfill every little girl’s nightmare and walk around town in wedges filled with barbie doll heads. Go home Modcloth. You’re drunk.


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