How to Effectively Procrastinate: Screen Junkies

As a grad student, it’s my duty to discover the most fantastic procrastination tools on the internet. Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter all do their part, but no one has captured my heart and study time quite like Screen Junkies. Their snark, shamelessness, and general ridiculousness brighten up my Tuesday and Thursday more than Indiana’s fake spring weather. If you’re curious as to everything wrong with your favourite films or think movie trailers aren’t quite honest enough, never fear. Screen Junkies has you covered.

If you too are ignoring the giant stack of reading and paperwork on your desk, check out my top five favourite Screen Junkies videos. I guarantee it’s time well spent.

5. Before They Were Famous #2– Tina Fey, Steve Carell, and Leonardo DiCaprio (and friends!) in old school commercials. Plus, who remembers Aaron Paul in a million 90s commercials?!

4. Honest Trailers- Thor the Dark World– Seriously, could ANYONE scientifically explain what the hell was going on? No? Thought not.

3. Honest Trailers- Harry Potter– Because it’s Harry Potter.

2. Honest Trailers- Catching Fire– “Nothing will stop Peeta on his never-ending quest to get out of the friend zone.” Plus, Baby Thor! and packs of killer monkeys.

1. Honest Trailers- Frozen– I have a preschool aged daughter. Anything that effectively mocks Frozen wins in my book.

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