Let It Go: My Personal Soundtrack as Written by Disney

In the midst of midterms and finals, I’ve taken some time for relaxing with the Geekling (because if I don’t my head will explode). Her favourite form of entertainment these days is dancing to Disney music, and the discovery of a Frozen itunes channel has been the highlight of her week. After a few hours of shaking it to every princess song imaginable (who needs a gym?!), I realized that Disney wrote a theme song for every one of my personalities.

1. The Bookworm Side- Beauty and the Beast: Belle (Little Town). Girl lives in small town where everyone thinks she’s nuts because she always has her nose stuck in a book. I’ve also been known to walk in to walls while reading.

2. The Independent Side- The Princess and the Frog: Almost There. I mean come on, Tiana is awesome. She does her own thing and isn’t ashamed of it.


3. The Romantic Side- Tangled: I See the Light. Because I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a romantic in me somewhere.


4. The Stubborn Side- Hercules: I Won’t Say I’m in Love. Because once again, I’m not kidding myself.


5. The Self-Confident Side- Frozen: Let It Go. Like Elsa, It took me a while to get there, but it’s nice to have finally arrived.


What Disney songs still speak to you as an adult?

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