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In the preface to Roller Derby for Beginners, Frisky Sour says her alternate title for the book was: Roller Derby for Beginners: The Advice You Would Eventually Get Through Conversations with Your Peers and Coaches Over the Course of Several Years if You Showed Up to Every Practice, Bout, and the Occasional After Party. Which is a pretty accurate description of what this book is. It basically covers your first season, and the highs and lows experienced therein.

Roller Derby for Beginners isn’t your friend telling you should join roller derby because it’s “the best thing ever.” Frisky starts out by laying out the time and money you will spend on derby. Which is exactly where a book like this should start. When you say “I think I want to play derby” everyone cheers and says that’s an awesome idea. And it is. But no one tells you the truth about how much it costs and how much time it takes. They may say there’s “some outside of practice stuff,” but they won’t tell you how much derby will consume your life. They don’t tell you how expensive it is to train. And in the end it’s worth it, but its certainly something to know going in.

After the bit of making sure you know a bit more about the commitment you’re making, Roller Derby for Beginners covers all the questions you don’t want to ask, and some you don’t know you had. What should you wear to practice? Whatever makes you feel good. Do we shower before the after party? Not usually. As well as covering information about choosing a league, minimum skills, outside of practice training, and respecting your injuries.

Roller Derby for Beginners is a book every aspiring derby girl or boy should read. It’s like getting advice from your own mentor, and gives you a good idea of what to expect in the derby world. It will help you feel less lost when you show up for your initial first practice or workshop. Speaking of which, if you’re in Indy, the Naptown Roller Girls are having a workshop on February 23rd. And if you’re a boy, the Race City Rebels are in open recruitment (which means come to a practice whenever).

You can get your own copy of Roller Derby for Beginners on Amazon for $12.96. Frisky Sour was also awesome enough to provide a hard copy of the book for Pure Geekery readers to win! Enter below for your chance.

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Note: I was provided a copy of Roller Derby for Beginners to read for review and giveaway. This doesn’t affect my review in any way.

5 / 5 stars     
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