Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts That Aren’t Gift Cards

So you’ve put off your Christmas shopping and now you’re stuck trying to find the perfect last minute gift. Ok, maybe not perfect, but something that says “I did more than run to the store and get a gift card from someplace you mentioned you shop at.” Here are some options that you can probably get up through Christmas Eve.

For the Skater

Bearings. Most skaters don’t clean their bearings like they should. A set of bearings are always appreciated and easy to come by at a skate shop or rink. If you’re really out of options a sporting goods store may even stock them. Just remember, each wheel takes two bearings so buy 16 not 8. Bones Super Reds are always a good choice.


For the Geek Girl

This is really Indianapolis specific, but Game Paradise in Fountain Square has been posting awesome gifts all season on their Facebook page, including bath & body products with a geeky theme. These unique scents make the default “crap I need to buy a girl something” gift a bit more personal.

Butter Beer soap at Game Paradise.

Butterbeer soap at Game Paradise.

For the Over 21

Booze. Let’s face it, if someone drinks a nice bottle of their drink of choice is always appreciated. Also, it shows you pay enough attention to them to know what they drink.

For the Media Addicted

Subscriptions. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t view subscriptions in the same way I view other gift cards. A gift card says “I know you shop here, go find your own gift.” A subscription says “I know you love this thing, here’s more of it.” I know I’d appreciate a few months of not having to pay for XBox Live or Spotify.

For Anyone

Treats. Seriously, treats are awesome. Everyone likes treats. Treats don’t take up room in your house (for long), you never have to worry about them being the right size, and there’s no risk of them being returned. And if you make them yourself, you get bonus points for a homemade gift!

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