A Geek in Every Language

A Geek in Every Language

Geek in different languages.
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Among the hundreds of things I geek out about, languages are high on the list. Learning languages early in life not only improves brain development, but it opens up whole worlds to explore. Now, we all took the obligatory language classes, but honestly no one really picks up much. (I did learn how to order a beer during spanish in high school- life skills!!!).

As an Italian- American girl, I have always wished that my Italian language skills were better. I took classes in college and became fairly proficient, but without anyone to talk to my skills have decrease significantly. I’ve bought books and try to read Italian language websites but it’s a poor substitute for actual interaction. Rosetta Stone would be amazing, but has anyone checked their prices?! Culture doesn’t come cheap! However, I have come across a few apps that, while not free, are significantly cheaper and can substitute when actual interaction isn’t possible.

Right now I’m using Living Language [iOS, Android]. You get a couple of lessons free and then there is a $20 charge for all 46 lessons if you wish to continue. There are flashcards and games, as well as modules where you can listen to correct pronunciation. Living Language also has books and online classes, but the app is working well for me right now. I also discovered a channel on ROKU where i can watch Italian TV shows. LIstening to natives speak helps immensely with pronunciation and language flow. With any luck, my fluency will be back up in no time and I can delve into geeky things in a whole new language!

Now to find cheap flights to the motherland…..

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