Friday Night In: In Defense of Wallflowers

Photo Credit: Amanda Slater from Flickr

Photo Credit: Amanda Slater from Flickr

All through college, I was constantly told that I wasn’t “doing it right”. I didn’t party or drink and I prefered spending my weekends battling Bowser and Rainbow Road over stumbling down Frat Row in search of my own shirt. I actually spent a year in a sorority and (no offense to those who enjoyed greek life) couldn’t get over the intensely high level of mean girls bitchiness I encountered at every event. As an adult, I never got much in to the roller derby after parties and enjoy spending my Fridays watching Legally Blonde and playing board games than paying at least $7 for a miniature cocktail that’s 90% syrup and ice.

These days, I still hear that I am not living out my youth as fully as I could, but I have to heartily disagree. My group of fantastically geeky friends are a direct result of being a perpetual wallflower and I could not ask for a more amazing group of people to spend my time with. They’re funny, we’ve got each others’ back,a nd they won’t draw on my face when I fall asleep in the middle of D&D night after 2 weeks of moving (thanks guys!). As part of my Happiness Project, I have been working on being happy with the persona I am and enjoying what I enjoy instead of forcing myself to participate in activities I feel like I should enjoy. And if that means enjoying a beer, a 90s movie, and game night with a kick-ass group of people, I’m ok with that.

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