My Happiness Project: Enjoying the present.

IMG_2460I’m back!!! Family and animals have been successfully moved and we only lost a few boxes in the process. (How I lost a Swiffer, a broom, and a bright green box of toys, I’ll never know.)

While writing my most recent posts about backyard tourism in Indianapolis, I was reminded of one of my Happiness Project goals: to enjoy the present moment, whether it be my actions, the people, or my location. I spend too much time hurry through my days, wishing I could get tasks done so I can move on to something “better” and I think I have been missing out on what’s truly great about the present. I have great friends and family, I love my internship/job, I can pay my bills, and the Midwest is a pretty fantastic place to live right now. While this may not be where I want to stay forever, I am happy here in this moment, and should do better to remember that more often. It would be nice to live in warmer weather near a beach, but I have an amazing group of friends here ( thanks for carrying heavy boxes and hanging pictures and entertaining the Geekling, I owe you all many beers) and that’s worth more than a house near the ocean.

I am going to take the rest of this week (and especially the weekend) to appreciate what I have, because it’s pretty awesome.

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