Geek Roundup!

So, I decided to take more time working on my next backyard tourism: shop local post. (This is no way an excuse to do more shopping ;). ) So here’s your geeky roundup for this week!

  • Matt Smith announced that he’s leaving Doctor Who. The rumor that the new Doctor will be announced today has proven false, but the announcement is sure to come in the next couple months! Keep up the fun speculation.
  • Ever noticed that sci-fi franchises seem to have the same running gags. This article is a fun list! (Who else remembers Animorphs!I loved that show!)
  • This awesome video os Joss Whedon introducing Serenity at the Brooklyn Academy of Music is worth a minute of your time.
  • And so is this compilation of Firefly references made in Nathan Fillion’s show Castle.
  • The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailer! I highly recommend watching classic Who before the 50th special.
  • And, shocker (note sarcasm), Game of Thrones re-enacted every Greek tragedy ever written. Seriously, it was ridiculously bloody. Check out reactions here.

Add your favourite geek posts of the week in the comments section!

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