5 on Friday: Tools to Thrive After the Apocalypse

Happy end of the world! Today I present to you, five tools to help you thrive after the apocalypse. There are of course the typical food, water, and weapons that you’ll probably need. But what else? There has to be more to post-apocalyptic living then that, right?

Distilling Kit – The world is now a cold and dreary place. Being able to produce alcohol will make you a king.  I’m going for a distilling kit here because it doesn’t require the sanitary environment that beer/wine does. Plus, the high proof alcohol will have other great uses. Like powering a vehicle. Or cleaning your wounds when one of your own turns against you.

Instant Coffee – Much like the distillery kit, having access to coffee will increase your power. The (only) good thing about instant coffee is you can make it damn near anywhere. Just heat some water up via solar power and make yourself a cup. After all, bad coffee is better than no coffee.

Typewriter – I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I feel we are more in line for a robot apocalypse instead of a zombie apocalypse. The good news is machines need power so we’ll probably still have that. The bad news is, we won’t be able to communicate via electronic methods because they’ll certainly be watching. Why a typewriter over the simpler pen and paper? Because my handwriting is atrocious

Ziploc Bags – Why aren’t these on every list? You can do a freaking ton of things with a Ziploc bag. Carry water. Carry food. Put them in a cold stream to make an ice pack. Just trust me on this one.

Twinkies – Because Snoballs suck.

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