You Should Be Wearing a Hockey Helmet.

I love telling you what to do, don’t I? Last week I was telling you to use dual-factor authentication. And this week I’m telling you what kind of helmet to wear. I’m giving skating another go (currently going through the Circle City Derby Girls new skater workshop), and I’m happy to see


Product Review: Ms. Marvel Necklace by Femmecraft

Editor’s note: The necklace reviewed in this post was provided to Pure Geekery for review purposes. Femmecraft also provided the giveaway. You know what I love about the world right now? That the more mainstream comics and superheroes and general geekiness get, the more awesome accessories I can find. These days I can’t


Claire’s Top 5 Things on the Internet: Packing Procrastination Edition

I’ve been packing my house for weeks. I swear I don’t think we have that much stuff for three people, but the boxes in my living room beg to differ. In the name of packing procrastination, I give you the top five awesome things on the internet that have been distracting me


You Should Be Using Dual Factor Authentication

Another day, another high profile social media attack, this time it’s the US Central Command Twitter and YouTube pages. Hacking these sorts of pages isn’t particularly hard, you already have one piece of information (the login or username). We haven’t heard about what tools these hackers may have used, it could have


Song Blog: Bastille – Pompeii

No matter how much you tried, there was no way to get away from Bastille’s Pompeii in 2014. It was on the rock stations, the pop stations, and (of course) the top 40 stations. It was released in January 2013, and it’s still in heavy rotation (at least here and Indianapolis). There’s



In times like these, I’ve found that simpler words are more meaningful. France, you are not alone. We stand with you. The world stands with you. We will not be afraid.   #JeSuisCharlie   Photo Credit: @BrookeBCnn on Twitter


Where Have All The Sidekicks Gone?

To the tune of Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? Where is my Willow? Where are her witchy skills? Where is my Dr. Watson? Where have all the sidekicks gone? When Claire found out I had never watched Gilmore Girls, she was horrified. And when it started streaming on Netflix, I knew it


Geek Fuel: Let your Geek Flag Fly

The world of box a month subscriptions is growing rapidly and Geek Fuel is the newest addition. Funded by a Kickstarter on November 20th, Geek Fuel comes in a $23.90 shipped per month. With a year-long subscription, the price is cut to $19.90 shipped and you get three mystery items.  (There are


Nicole’s 2015 Resolutions

It’s the start of another new year and tradition dictates that we come up with ways we want to improve ourselves in the coming year. Some argue that waiting until a specific day is silly, and that we should strive to better ourselves continuously. I understand where they’re coming from, but taking


Why Don’t Women Like X?

I see the “why don’t women like this too” question come up in enthusiast forums/blogs. I appreciate the thought, I really do. It takes a lot of self-awareness look around and say “we’re missing a significant part of the population here, what can we do to fix it.” That being said, I