Are We Asking Our Phones to Do Too Much?

In the midst of the iPhone 6 announcement, Apple quietly discontinued the iPod classic. It was only a matter of time really. So few people use stand alone MP3 players anymore, that it can’t be profitable for Apple to still make the device. And with 128GB iPhones available, people don’t even go


Product Review: Handbag of Holding

Disclaimer: I got the Handbag of Holding free from ThinkGeek for review. There are also affiliate links in here, so if you buy it after clicking on one I get a cut. #FeedABlogger When I got a new job, I got a work laptop. Which meant my up-to-this-point perfect Ogio tablet purse was out of


Dear Internet: Stop it.

I’m really starting to despise the internet. From complete refusal to see any other sides to misguided attempts to “educate” friends on topics they could not possibly know about (newsflash: They probably do. You look like a dick.), Facebook and comment blogs have become almost impossible for me to watch. It used


Song Blog: I Wanna Know What Love Is – Julie Ruin

I recently watched “The Punk Singer,” a documentary about riot grrrl icon Kathleen Hanna. (It’s on Netflix. Go watch.) And it reminded me about how much I loved Julie Ruin when I discovered it. Here was this album that had a punk rock spirit, presented in a poppy way. It turned my


5 on Friday: Why I’m a Feminist

Last month, I posted about my problems with the way we’re addressing the Women Against Feminism tumblr. I told you that I feel this way even though I am a feminist myself. But why am I a feminist? 1) Because politicians suck. Let’s face it, politicians serve their lobbyists more than they


Music Review: Dimetrodon – The Doubleclicks + Giveaway

Note: We received copies of Dimetrodon for review and giveaway. Also, can I say how much I’m fangirling over the fact that The Doubleclicks asked us to review their album? THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE! Last year The Doubleclicks blew up the internet with their song “Nothing to Prove” from their album Lasers and


Living Tiny: Redefining the American dream.

It’s easy to get trapped in the never-ending grind of modern life. Go to school, get an apartment, get buried in loans, have kids, get married, buy a house- not necessarily in that order or quantity. The American McMansion Pleasantville dream isn’t as shiny now with crippling debt and the rising expenses of


An Experience With Playstation Live Chat

Note: There’s no place (that I could find anyway) to leave feedback support. So I’m using my own platform to leave support feedback. Also, I’ve only used the Live Chat option. Every time I’ve checked the phone call wait time, it’s at least thirty minutes. Aint nobody got time for that. Dear


The Zombie Run: Customer Service At It’s Worst

For the past three weeks, I have been looking very forward to running in and reviewing The Zombie Run.  Unfortunately, the company putting this event on, Human Movement Management, made a premature decision to cancel the event that was supposed to take place Saturday, August 23rd at White River Paintball in Anderson,


Why Nothing Compares to the Mixtape.

I’ve been on a books about music kick lately. Which means I’ve also been thinking a lot about music lately. Most recently, I’ve been thinking about mixtapes and why playlists just can’t compare. (Speaking of which, have you read Love is a Mixtape yet? If not, stop reading this and go read