Securing Your Internet of Things

Hi all! I’m Aaron and I’ve worked in Information Security (Infosec) for over 20 years. I’ve been a big fan of Nicole’s, Claire’s, and Ryan’s blog posts since Pure Geekery started, and thought I would try and write a guest post on my own. I read Nicole’s post about home automation and got


A Week With the Pebble Time Round

In 2012, a Kickstarter launched for the Pebble watch. I wanted it immediately. The idea of having a watch that would send alerts from my phone was still novel at the time. The only smart watch I remember before this was the Microsoft MSDN watch, which didn’t run well and cost $60


A Week with the Nexus 5X

As I approached the end of my two year contract with Verizon, I started looking around at other phones. When I realized the subsidized two year contract phone no longer existed, I resolved to make my Galaxy S4 last as long as possible. And then I dropped it. (My Otterbox case was


Home Automation: 1 Year Later

A year ago I posted about how my husband and I were going to start automating our home using the SmartThings platform. At that time, we just had two lights automated. We honestly didn’t do much with it most of the year (which is good, since Samsung didn’t provide the best upgrade


Music Review: Ambush Vin – SciFi Music

I’m a sucker for concept albums. And when those concept albums branch into other media to create a story, I’m sold. So when Ambush Vin contacted us about his newest nerdcore album SciFi Music, complete with continuing ebook, comic, and music video detailing the battle, he had my attention. The passion that


Advance Review: Bridge Of Spies

Spoiler-Free!   On Monday evening, I saw an advance screening of the new Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks movie, Bridge Of Spies.  There were two things that really surprised me about this screening. Almost no one was there.  Advance screening are usually popular events, yet the theater was maybe half-full at most. The thing


I love my ridiculous remote.

In the recent past, I scoffed at expensive remotes. I remember about five years ago, scoffing at my husband when he bought at $90 smart remote during a Woot Off (to be fair, it was the ESPN branded one and was pretty awful). After that, I teased him about his Harmony 650


Some Thoughts On The Muppets

I eagerly watched the premiere of The Muppets last week, along with many other people.  I’ve been surprised at the backlash the show has received.  Reviewers are claiming the show is too mature, perverted, and that this incarnation of The Muppets is “raping their childhood.”  Anyone crying out things like this likely


Product Review: Jerry the Bear

From re-enacting their favourite characters to learning how to do a cartwheel (a skill I never mastered), kids figure out their world and their problems through play. Often using their their dolls, action figures, and stuffed animals, kids explore the positive aspects of their lives (relationships with friends, scientific principles, and the world outside),


Nest Thermostat: Its Not For Techies

Note: This is about the second generation Nest. Google announced a newer one earlier this month with bigger screen and a more sensitive light sensor. As far as I can tell, those are the only differences. We bought a Nest thermostat on Black Friday last year, and now that I’ve had it