Kindle Unlimited: Still Not as Good as Your Public Library

It seems every time someone says they want a “Netflix for books” everyone laughs and says “you mean the library?” Which, is true, but not really a helpful response. But now Kindle has released Kindle Unlimited, and I can’t help but think “you mean the library?” Because most metropolitan libraries already have


Song Blog: Blink 182 – Up All Night

When I first heard Blink 182′s latest album Neighborhoods I was surprised, in all the best ways. While their self-titled release in the early 2000′s was a bit more mature than Enema of the State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, they were still stuck in my head as the goofy pop-punk


5 on Friday: #Read26Indy Update

We’re about halfway through the year, and I think it is time for an update on my #Read26Indy progress. It’s actually become the #Read52Indy challenge for me. I’ve read 24 books already, and it seems like going a head and doubling the challenge will make it more of a challenge. It’s also put


Extra Life Gaming Marathon for Riley

Regular readers will know that I enjoy games. I play some tabletop games (although admittedly they don’t always catch my attention), and I spend hours every week playing video games. But what you may not know, is that I also really love sleep. Sleep is pretty much the best thing ever. I


Song Blog: The Wombats – 1996

I’m entering the age where I not only don’t know what’s going on with youth culture, but I am separated from it. For example, the phrase “yolo” makes me viscerally angry. I am shocked when I see questionable fashion choices from my teen years making a comeback. (ModCloth has a whole section


Advance Review: Let’s Be Cops

NOTE: Spoiler-free review, containing only details from released trailers Let’s Be Cops is a movie that popped up out of nowhere.  The first I had heard of it was around a month ago, when a trailer for it played before something else I was seeing, and it really caught my attention.  A


Rant: Why Isn’t Backwards Compatibility a Thing?

A few weeks ago we had a brief power outage, and thought my XBox 360 was hosed. Luckily, it ened up only being the power supply that was fried (side note: always check the grounding on your outlets). But before I figured that out, I started looking at the Xbox One and


It’s OK to Disagree

You all (hopefully) saw Claire’s post on Thursday about disconnecting. And when you saw that, you probably thought of all the places Pure Geekery is on the web. One of our readers even made us a “clog all the pipes” meme. Well that’s mostly me. I am a big social networking fan.


Claire’s Happiness Project: Disconnecting

Social media is important for bloggers- it’s how we get our stuff out there, gain readers, and hopefully make enough money so none of us have to work a real job. However, in my personal life, I hate Facebook. Twitter, I can handle- I get news, friendly communication from fellow bloggers, and


The Importance of Young Adult Literature

I finished The Fault in Our Stars this past weekend, and it’s the first “young adult” novel I’ve read in recent history that actually feels like a young adult novel. I feel that most of the time we throw the “young adult” label on books as a marketing gimmick. We attach it