Service Review: Ipsy Box

Disclaimer: I subscribed to the ipsy box on my own, and we don’t have any affiliate links in the review. The only thing I’ll get if you subscribe from here is “ipsy points” which is a program to earn free product that’s open for anyone who subscribes. It’s time for another subscription box review!


Let Your Geek Flag Fly: Geek Fuel Launches on Kickstarter

Monthly mystery box featuring the best of Geek culture launched Kickstarter campaign on Monday, October 20th Denver, CO (WEB) October 23rd, 2014 – Chaz Gray and his team of Geek culture aficionados are turning to Kickstarter to raise funds for the launch of Geek Fuel, a monthly mystery box filled with exclusive


Some Thoughts on Windows 8.1

My old desktop ran into some major issues last week. (My theory: antivirus ate a file.) While it’d still boot into Ubuntu, booting into Windows was not happening. It’s likely something that I could have fixed…eventually…but it’s been on it’s last legs for a while now (it was from 2011 I believe).


So Someone You Love Has ADHD.

I hopped on Facebook the other day and saw an article titled “20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD.” As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult (not uncommon for women) , I’m always looking to learn new things about the way my brain functions and


Book Review: Greyhound

When Nicole sent me the recommendation for Greyhound last week, I was both a) intrigued, because the tape on the cover reminded me of Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park, and b) concerned, because the tape on the cover reminded me of Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park… …and let’s face it. Once you read Rainbow Rowell, it’s


Review: Marry Me (Pilot)

NBC has cracked the formula of how to get me to actually watch a romantic comedy: Make a member of The State one of the leading characters!  Fill the show with other comedians I also find funny (Casey Wilson, Tim Meadows), and you’ve got me in for at least a couple episodes.


Why I Love Living in Carmel

I was going to write a post about how suburbs get a lot of unfair flack. But as I was looking through the Solid Gold Eats archive, I saw Sara’s post on why she loves living in SoBro. And I really like this method so much better. Because really, every part of


Digital Organization: Bookmarks

I am struggling to organize my digital life. And while there are several parts I could talk about (and most likely will at some point) right now the one that bugs me the most is my bookmarks. My biggest problem is self imposed. I don’t like keeping most of my bookmarks in



This is my favourite kind of weather- warm, rainy, at the peak of leaf season with just the right smell of fall in the air. I love boots and sweaters and haunted houses and apples and pumpkin everything and if that makes me sound a like a middle class white girl obsessed


Advance Review: The Book Of Life

This review is spoiler-free, containing only plot points found in the trailers. Walking into The Book Of Life, I had a single expectation: A visually stunning movie.  I’m happy to say that it exceeded my expectations in the visual department, and on top of that was so much more. The plot of